Below is a full copy of the advisory released on 21 September 2007:

Cluster Heads/Area Directors:

Pls. disseminate this advisory on the new USN Portal which will be implemented starting Monday, September 24. It is important that our SDs will be able to forward this email to their respective admission assistants (if any), deans, registrars, FOs and branch IT personnel. They have to understand the new features of the new Portal including the enhancements that were made in the system.

For questions on this matter, they can email the undersigned or our helpdesk at or they can contact HO IT at VoIP No. 200.

Thank you very much.

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Advisory on the New USN Portal


Pls. be advised that a new USN Portal will be implemented by Monday, September 24.

As you are well aware, the USN Portal is the web-based system that assigns unique numbers to our students. We call these unique numbers as Universal Student Numbers (USN) and these USNs are issued centrally by Head Office. With the introduction of the USNs, no Local Student Numbers (Local ID) must be issued in the branch as only the USNs will be accepted by our computerized information systems.

In campuses using the CIS version 2, the CIS Number issued by the system will be retained solely for the use of the CIS system but such students shall still use the USN for all the other transactions.

The usage of the USN shall be as follows:

- Students with existing USNs shall continue using the USNs already issued to them

- Upon admission to any AMAES campus (company owned or franchise), a student will be issued a USN which he / she must use until he / she graduates.

- students who transfer from one campus to the other shall carry the originally issued USN to the new campus

- the only exception to the one USN rule will be students simultaneously enrolled in two courses OR two campuses

- the USN shall be used in all transactions of the student.

TO FACILITATE THE ABOVE RULES, a new USN Portal will be implemented by Monday (24 September 2007) to reflect the new process of issuing and managing USNs.

a. The USN management portal will still be located at

b. The new portal is ESSA compliant. It will require you to use your ESSA instead of the email addresses. For those without ESSA, you may send portal access requests using the on-line facility provided in the system. For franchise users, you may coordinate with Vic Sevilla for your access rights.

c. The new process of issuing a USN (which is captured in the new system) will be:

- potential students will fill out an on-line INQUIRY form. Links to said on-line form will be placed under the and in all other websites and portals at AMA. The exact URL of the form is> which you can place also in your other websites

- after filling-up the form, the student will visit one of the campuses and present him/herself to admissions

- admissions will use the portal:

a. to locate the inquiry form of the student

b. to ensure that the student present is really the one he/she is talking to

c. to ensure that the student present has not been issued another student number

d. to make changes to the basic student information, if needed

e. and assign the necessary campus, course, admission year and term.

- after this is done, a unique USN is automatically generated, an email is sent to the student and the USN access account of the student is also created with a default password of 'password'

- the student can now log into the existing student portals using this new USN access account and transact.

d. For students who will transfer or who are entered into CISv2, the new portal will have functionalities for the following:

- record campus transfers of students

- record course shifting of students

- link the CIS No issued by the local CISv2 into a USN so the system can link the records from the local CIS to the central USN.

Should you encounter any technical problem accessing and using the USN Portal, please immediately contact your local IT staff or you can email our HO IT HelpDesk at <> or call VoIP 200.

For your information and guidance.